Cutera Excel V

The Cutera Excel V laser has different modes used to treat different conditions, from redness diffusion to varicose veins. The Excel V laser is one of the most powerful and effective laser treatments for varicose and spider veins!

Who is a good candidate for the Excel V laser?

If you have rosacea or varicose veins, the Excel V laser could be a great choice. It has a built-in cooling mechanism. This protects the surrounding skin and removes the need for anesthesia. The Excel V laser is also highly customizable. Your dermatologist will be able to treat individual conditions with accuracy.

What can the Excel V laser treat?

  • Rosacea
  • Port wine stains
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Spider veins
  • ​Varicose veins

What are the side effects of Excel V?

Excel V generally has minimal side effects. The most common side effect a patient might see is redness or swelling on the treated areas. In rare cases, bruising may occur. These side effects should not be serious and often resolve themselves within a few days.

Excel V targets redness, rosacea, and broken blood vessels. It’s a dermatologist’s workhorse and we are happy to offer it to our patients. It also works well for treating brown spots to help your complexion. It’s ideal for anyone with redness on the neck and chest. A series of treatments is recommended, along with daily sun protection from here on out to help maintain the results.

Have your facial veins and redness treated. The Excel V laser can safely and effectively treat a wide range of vascular and benign pigmented conditions on men and women of all skin tones.  

Excel V is a laser system for providing treatment of a variety of vascular and benign pigmented skin conditions. Many conditions manifest in the form of broken or abnormal blood vessels in the skin, as is the case with rosacea, in which the facial blood vessels dilate excessively causing redness and flushing. The laser heats the abnormal vessels causing the vein walls to collapse and seal shut.  Over time, the vessels will no longer be visible. This treatment may require several session to achieve the desired result.